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Dry Needling & Verrucae

foot with verrucaeDry needling is an effective technique for treating stubborn verrucae. Most other treatments, like freezing or using chemical cautery work by creating a thermal or chemical burn in and around the verruca. These treatments increases the chance of the verruca resolving by creating, inflammation, tissue breakdown and swelling.

How does it work?

foot after treatmentDry needling is carried out painlessly under local anaesthetic. A sterile needle is then used to cause a localised trauma to the verruca itself.

The purpose of this is to disrupt the papilli in the verruca and by implanting the virus in the dermal layer allows the bodies immune system to recognise the virus. This stimulates a cell-mediated immune response and thus attack the lesion directly. This can result in spontaneous regression in some/all satellite verrucae.

By using this technique, instead of many treatments involving chemical cautery or cryotherapy, it may only require one dry needling. This technique has been around for about 40 years and is used fairly regularly in the United States.

One session of 'needling' was sufficient to clear up several verrucas that had resisted various other treatments, including a course of painful cryotherapy by my GP, for many years. The treatment under local anaesthetic was painless other than a little sensitivity as the jab wore off. Within a few weeks it was clear my body's immune system had started to kill off the verrucas and by the follow-up appointment there was very little left to see. I'd recommend The Wilpshire Clinic to anyone suffering with persistent verrucas.”

Mr S, Wilpshire, Blackburn

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